Hello! My name is Maeghan and I am the sole proprietor of Restless Wanderer. I was born and raised on the West Coast of Canada, and lived in Vancouver for 20 years. From a very young age I knew I wanted to be creative in the arts, writing, and photography, and in 2000 I discovered the wonderful world of Photoshop. Shortly after, I developed a mild case of travel addiction which has never gone away. It's been a long road filled with bumps, forks and full-on U-turns, but finally I've arrived at Restless Wanderer, a place where all my passions come together! Recently, I uprooted my life in Canada and crossed the pond to settle in Amsterdam with my partner.
New adventure awaits! 


I have been a freelancer since 2015, doing projects for corporate, non-profit and independent film. In 2018 I worked full-time as a Communications Coordinator, and was responsible for all in-house graphic design projects. I also did internal video content from shooting to editing. In 2019 I designed the assets for a large-scale event #DISRUPTMINING, which included all digital and print, plus everything in the event space. I would love to design more events, as I like having the satisfaction of seeing it all come together. 

I urge you to have a browse through my Adventure Imagery, Africa Series, and Portraits sections, which give a glimpse into two of my passions - travel and photography! Photography is my hobby, my favorite thing, my obsession. I enjoy capturing moments that might have been missed otherwise, fleeting past and forgotten. Those moments need to be held onto, preserved and felt, even if it's just by me. I also really love cats.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to browse my site. I hope you leave here a little happier, and that my work improved your day in some small way! It's all I can ask!